Applejack #MoTag Game

MoTag Applejack

This November, we are encouraging everyone to participate in the Applejack #MoTag Game to raise awareness and support men's health. 

Applejack Hospitality promises to donate $5,000 to charity if we sell over 5,000 Espresso Martinis across six venues! 

How to play / the rules: 

1. Visit and 'LIKE' any of the 6 Applejack venues in November 2017:The Butler Potts PointThe Botanist KirribilliEndeavour Tap RoomsBondi HardwareSoCal Sydney and Della Hyde

2. Order an Espresso Martini from our friendly bartenders

3. Take a sip, and leave the foam on yo stache

4. Upload a selfie with you & your foamy lip using the hashtag #MoTag 

Remember to geotag the venue location and mo-minate your bestie (or frenemy) to repeat the above steps & share the love! 

julia warnock